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Religious imagery in everyday life

October 10, 2012

From Liz Bird:

One of the most visible aspects of Nigeria is the pervasiveness of religious imagery throughout every facet of life. Churches, whether massive evangelical structures or tiny, decrepit store fronts, are everywhere, and every event includes prayers and invocations to Jesus. Walls are plastered with poster invitations to revival events and prayer meetings. But perhaps even more striking is the appeal to God or Jesus in the most mundane, everyday aspects of life. Business names reflect this: “the most blessed laundry,” “God’s own car repair,” or ”Bless the Lord barbing.”

Some of the most colorful representations are found on vehicles, especially the cargo trucks (or “lorries,” using British parlance) whose owners paint biblical scenes and slogans on the rear of the vehicles. As we’ve driven back and forth to Benin, we have enjoyed spotting and photographing these expressions of everyday faith. These collages reflect some examples we managed to capture.

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