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Traditional Leadership in Asaba

October 6, 2011

From Fraser Ottanelli:

We meet with the Asagba of Asaba

Asaba still enjoys the strong sense of community usually associated with smaller towns. Among the most important expressions of communal identity is allegiance to the traditional ruler, or king, known as the Asagba.  More than a ceremonial title, the holder of this position enjoys great cultural influence over many aspects of the town’s life. In fact it would have been impossible for us to conduct research without the support of the Palace.

The official seal on the gate of the Asagba's Palace

At every stage of the project we have enjoyed the support of the current Asagba of Asaba, H.R.M  Prof. Chike Edozien, who, before ascending to the title of King, was a professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Within hours of our arrival we were summoned to meet with him along with some of the most distinguished titled members of the community. There we shared information on the progress made since our last trip, and our report was very well received. We are confident that, with the support of the Asagba, a suitable space will be secured to display the exhibit on the Asaba massacre.

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