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The distinctive sights of Asaba

October 5, 2011

Nigerian Star beer

Local cafe menu

From Liz Bird:

Although of course we came to continue our research and speak to more survivors of the 1967 atrocity, we also enjoy seeing some now familiar sights of Asaba. The Niger river is much higher than in previous visits, and is flowing quite rapidly – a contrast to the muddy, slow-running river of previous trips.


An Asaba lizard

It’s fun to see the ubiquitous orange-headed lizards, some as long as a foot, which scurry everywhere in large numbers. Apart from the occasional bird, these seem to be the only wildlife around; even domestic dogs and cats are very scarce.

After our long travels, we welcome the taste of the local Star beer, which arrives in bottles so large that you think you’ll never finish it – but they somehow go down quite easily! And the local food is equally distinctive, featuring hot peppers, beans, and all manner of meat varieties, from wonderful fresh fish to chicken gizzards or the ever-present “bush meat.” I was fascinated by the sign at a café across the street, which featured “point and kill;” our friend told us that this refers to how customers identify the particular living fish they want to eat, and it soon arrives freshly cooked on the plate.

Already we have met many people we came to know in our previous visits, and we’re thrilled to receive such a warm welcome from everyone. And now, down to work!

A local bar celebrates the U.S. President!

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