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Arriving in Asaba

October 5, 2011


Approaching the Niger river and the towns of Onitsha and Asaba


From Fraser Ottanelli:

Fifty minutes after leaving Lagos we finally broke through the clouds. As the small propeller plane banked left, the murky brown water of the Niger River appeared below us. On the eastern bank of the river we could see Onitcha, one of the largest market towns in West Africa; on the opposite shore the neighborhood of Cable Point was clearly distinguishable and, just to the north, we could plainly make out Asaba with some of its familiar landmarks like the market and St. Joseph’s Church in Nnebisi Road.  While this is our third trip to Nigeria, it is the first time we have flown into Asaba on one of the three daily flights that now link the town’s recently opened airport to Lagos and Abuja. In the past we traveled by air from Lagos to Benin City and then drove the remaining 70 miles. While this was an interesting way to catch a glimpse of the countryside, it also it was logistically complicated, requiring multiple cars and armed guards. It will take a while for the Asaba airport to live up to its “international” designation but, for these researchers, it has made long-distance travel simpler and safer.

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  1. Stella permalink
    December 11, 2011 8:17 pm

    I am glad the Asaba International airport project is finally taking off.Someday, you shall be able to fly directly into Asaba from other international airports in Europe and elsewhere.For now, atleast it keeps you safe and alive from driving on some dangerous robbery prone roads.

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