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Working with colleagues at UNN

June 30, 2010

From Fraser Ottanelli:

Meeting with colleagues at UNN

One objective of this trip was to establish a research partnership around the Asaba Memorial project with our colleagues at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka. The UNN is a large comprehensive public institution with a separate medical school which, just like USF, graduated its first class in 1960. The University was established in cooperation with Michigan State along the U.S. model of higher education with departments grouped in several colleges—clearly connections with the U.S. run deep: on our last day I noticed that  one of the major buildings on campus is named after Paul Robeson,  the New Jersey-born singer, actor and prominent social activist.

The main library at UNN

During our stay at UNN we had two extensive meetings chaired by Dr. Bennett Chima Nwanguma (special assistant to the President), with representatives of the departments of Anthropology, History, Archeology and Fine Arts. From these discussions emerged three separate but interrelated research projects based on the specific research interests of a number of faculty at UNN–a short documentary, research in the Nigerian National archives and the development of a museum exhibit—that will be integrated into grant proposals that we will submit to funding agencies in the fall.

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